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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Increase sales. Sell internationally and reach more audiences with local payment methods.

Every country is different, and the same applies to the online payment preferences of your customers.

In addition to credit cards, offer your customers local payment options that they know and trust. Meeting their payment preferences increases customer satisfaction and boosts your sales.

We advise you how to maximize your sales with the best payment mix for a specific country or industry. Choose from a steadily growing portfolio of actually more than 100 payment methods and benefit from our competitive rates.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most commonly adopted payment solution worldwide and virtually a must for online merchants in their payment mix. With its long history, and being one of the first payment methods used on the Internet, card payment solutions offer a high level of customer acceptance and are trusted by merchants around the world. We offer you fully acquiring services for a smooth card payment processing.

Visa is the world’s largest card network in terms of transaction value and the dominant payment method worldwide (except for some countries, such as China). Merchants who accept Visa can protect online
payments by using Verified by Visa, a service that
verifies the real cardholder at the time of purchase.

MasterCard is one of the world’s best-known card
payment solutions and a dominant credit card brand.
Merchants willing to accept MasterCard online
payments can protect their card sales by using MasterCard SecureCode, a service that verifies the genuine cardholder at the moment of purchase.

have become a global player with more than 29 million points of acceptance worldwide. Unlike MasterCard and Visa, Diners Club is a closed and exclusive card payment solution, which means that the
acceptance and issuing of the cards is the same unit.

Alternative Payment Methods

In addition to global processing of credit cards, we support all major alternative payment methods and help you choose the most popular payment solutions for your target markets. We make sure your customers can pay conveniently, quickly and reliably.

Online Bank Transfers

With an online bank transfer, the participating financial institutions authenticate and validate the availability of customer funds in real time. A successful online banking payment is irreversible, so there is no chargeback risk.

giropay is a multi-bank online banking ePayments scheme specifically for Germany and Austria and allows payment for all online banking customers of participating banks. Benefit from high customer acceptance and immediate and guaranteed payment confirmation.

The Electronic Payment Standard, or eps for short, is an online bank transfer payment method developed by Austrian banks, the Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the CIO (Chief Information Office) of the Austrian government. The scheme cooperates with giropay to increase the customer’s reach to Germany as well. With eps, merchants benefit from a popular online payment method in Austria.

iDEAL is by far the most popular method for online payments in the Netherlands, well beyond the use of credit cards. iDEAL is a multi-bank online banking ePayments scheme, launched in 2005 that allows customers to buy from their bank accounts online through direct online transfers. iDEAL is an accumulation of technical agreements between banks and transaction processors and serves the vast majority of the Dutch online banking market.

Bancontact is the most famous Belgian payment method and allows direct payments through the online payment systems of all major Belgian banks. Providing Bancontact in the merchant’s webshop is the ideal way to reach the Belgian market. According to “Payment Methods Report 2018 – Innovations in the Way We Pay”, in 2018, there have been more Bancontact cards issued (15 million) in Belgium than the number of Belgian citizens (11.3 million), resulting in an 86% share of Bancontact transactions of all card payments in Belgium.

Sofort can be classified as an overlay online banking ePayments system and was introduced in 2005. In addition to Germany, it is available in many European countries, which means a much broader coverage in one payment method compared to national multi-bank online banking ePayments solutions. It is famous for both, by the merchants, as it comes with instant and guaranteed payment confirmation and by the consumers who can use any of their bank accounts from the supported countries.

Przelewy24, also known as P24, is a popular payment method in Poland that allows end users to make payments from their online bank account to merchants. P24 is a well-known brand in Poland and is supported by most Polish banks, giving merchants access to the maximum number of buyers. DIMOCO Payment Services recommends Przelewy24 as the first choice for any online retailer in Poland. Real-time notification of payments allows for immediate delivery of goods and services.

PayPal facilitates payments between parties through online transfers based on the principle of an electronic wallet. Both merchants and customers benefit from an established and international online payment method. Once a user creates an account and connects to a credit card, checking account, or another alternative payment method, PayPal makes online purchases more convenient by providing a payment method in which neither the payer nor the payee gives a credit card or bank account details.

paysafecard is an electronic payment method based on the prepaid principle. The company is the most significant player in the European market in this area. Available in 46 countries, consumers purchase a 16-digit PIN code at pre-sale points such as gas stations, post offices or tobacconists, and then use the associated credit for online payments. International acceptance and ease of use for consumers make this payment solution interesting for almost all online industries.

Direct Carrier Billing enables subscribers to purchase goods and services from
merchants and aggregators using their mobile devices that are charged via the operators’ billing system. With DIMOCO Carrier Billing, a European-wide regulated payment institute for carrier billing and a trusted partner of local and global mobile networks, you reach almost 1 billion European subscribers.

SEPA Direct Debit allows merchants to collect payments from EUR-denominated customer bank accounts. Since the introduction of the SEPA in 2014, funds in around 34 Member States can be pulled effectively, standardized and, above all, trans-
nationally. In Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria, SEPA Direct Debit has seen the strongest adoption and especially combined with recurring payments, merchants benefit commercially from this method.

In short, a cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money. Unlike FIAT currencies (i.e. EUR or USD) they only exist on a blockchain, accessible via codes called public and private keys. Bitcoin, the first successful cryptocurrency, changed the way of performing cross-border transactions but also showed some volatility disadvantages. With DIMOCO, merchants can enlarge their target audience with crypto users and overcome volatility issues at the same time. We instantly convert crypto-sales back to FIAT currencies to secure your revenues. Learn more about our solution.

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